As fiscally responsible adults, we have a tendency to hold on to our cash whenever possible. Unfortunately, this sometimes means making unwise decisions regarding car repair. Fixing your automobile when something is wrong isn’t a luxury—it is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. It’s natural to have a certain hesitancy to bring your automobile into the mechanic—especially if you don’t have a regular one you can trust. It can be expensive. Nonetheless, you owe it to your passengers, the other drivers on the road, and yourself to get problems fixed as soon as possible. Here are four issues that should never be ignored.

Shaking While Driving

No, not you! If you’re shaking while driving, you should probably pull over, but that’s another story altogether. But if your vehicle is starting to shake while heading down the road, it could be a sign that car repair is needed. It could be minor (you need a wheel alignment or have a flat tire) or it could be serious. Either way, this isn’t a determination you want to make on your own. Vehicle owners have a tendency to downplay the warning signs their cars are giving them. Don’t do this. Let a mechanic take a look.

Warning Lights

Those lights aren’t there to provide extra illumination on a dark night. They aren’t there as “suggestions”. When a warning light on your dash comes on, it means you need to consult your owner’s manual. A light such as Check Engine can mean numerous things. The weird thing about today’s vehicles is that they are governed by complicated computer systems. It takes a computer to talk to the car and determine what the problem really is. Chances are, you don’t own such a computer, so bring it in to a mechanic and find out what car repair needs to be done.


You are endangering yourself and others if your drive with brake problems. A little squealing in the morning can be safely ignored for a while, but if you are hearing a high pitched squeal every time you bring the vehicle to a stop, it’s time for car repair. The same goes for a knocking sound, grinding, or any other sounds that weren’t there when you drove the vehicle off the sales lot. Don’t take chances with bad brakes.