Imagine the situation: the kids are in the back playing their game systems, reading, arguing or napping among the piles of backpacks and suitcases. The family dog is enjoying the wind whipping through his slobber, when suddenly smoke begins billowing from under the hood. The check engine light comes on and you pull over. You are driving across the country and are a hundred miles from the next city and you need car repair. Unfortunately, this scenario may seem all too familiar to some of us. It is likely we have all been in a situation where our truck or van has acted up and left us stranded. We rely on roadside assistance to help us out. During a family vacation, when things are already tight monetarily, the last thing you want to do is pay a hefty sum to a tow truck. If you want to know more , click on  roadside assistance odessa

When planning your next family vacation, give yourself a few extra weeks cushion to take the family vehicle in for maintenance. You may be able to have it in and out of the shop in a matter of minutes with no major car repair. However, the extra time gives you that cushion in case there are some problems and the shop needs to keep it for a few days. There are some general maintenance things that you can do leading up to the vacation to prevent car repair. Check the tires. First of all, if the tread seems low or overly worn in places consider getting them replaced before the trip. It is important to drive with tires that have good tread and are evenly worn. If one tire in particular is showing more wear than the other tires, you could have a serious and potentially dangerous situation on your hands.

If the tires are fine and aired-up, the next thing you want to do is change the oil. This may be a job for the mechanic and certainly they are able to complete the task very quickly. If it has been somewhere between three thousand to six thousand miles since your last oil change, you will want to not only change the oil but also the filter. This is vital to keeping your engine healthy and should be done before long trips. A good oil change is the first step in preventing major car repair.